Sunday, April 28, 2013

Good News & Bad

Well, I called Soccer (Read last post to understand story) and I was really direct. I literally said "Hey, I like you, I just want to know if you like me back to get this straightened out." HE SAID HE LIKED ME! I am so happy right now! I'm going to his house later and watching a movie with him!

But there is some bad news...

Well, I forgot that my old crush (the one that likes me) they are best friends with each other, and he heard everything I told to my crush. And everything he said back to me. And I feel really bad now. He is really a nice kid and all, I just hope he doesn't get mad or sad. And all three of us are in most of the same classes. Guess I will have to deal with him tomorrow.

But still, I am really excited about the movie tonight! He wants to see Woman In Black with me! The only thing is I am such a scaredy cat, especially with horror movies, so theres that...

Wish me luck! Hopefully I don't do anything stupid. And if your worried or something, we r watching at his house but his parents are there. So nothing will happen don't worry :D

~Bye Guys!!!

Help Me I'm Lost...

Im so mad. My feelings are all mixed up now!!!

Well, let me explain everything.

My original crush (glasses) is showing his true colors at school, and I'm starting to really hate him now. The girl I hate found out that I liked him and told him! And of course she told him  when I was in the room. He looked straight at me and said "Sorry, I really don't like you and I will never date you. Ever." And he walked away!

Meanwhile my old crush from middle school said he liked me! He even asked me out, which was a fail. I thought it was really cute of him, but I don't see myself dating him anymore.  He is actually very nice and sweet, but something just happened and I actually forgot about him until that day.

And now, for some reason I am starting to like my close guy friend (lets call him soccer, he loves soccer) I don't know why. Everyone knows he isn't very attractive, but now I am starting to think hes pretty cute. And we have been friends since the 6th grade and hes always been there for me. And I really doubt that anyone else likes him. I want to tell him how I feel, but I know it will be awkward if he says no. And what happens after that? We can't just avoid each other. He's like my little brother! (He's really short) Maybe I should just wait. Or give off clues? I don't know.

So, Glasses is a jerk, my old crush likes me when I'm not into him anymore, and I like one of my best guy friends who might possibly like me! Great. Maybe I should just tell soccer that I like him and see what he says. Here goes nothing! Wish me luck people that read this!

~Bye Guys!

And please comment any advice on what to do? I think this its a love triangle, I don't know!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Crush ♥

I stood there, in amusement. The kids on the field were running around like nuts, playing tag. Suddenly, I felt something behind me. Breathing on my neck. I spun around; it was him. His perfect brown wavy hair that reflects off from the sun; his usual football sweatshirt and elite socks; and his quirky little glasses that perfectly framed his squinted asian eyes.
"I missed you" he whispered in my ear, while holding my hands.
"I missed you too."
"I wanted to ask you something.." he took off his backpack and held a dirty oversized jersey
"I wanted to know if you could wear my jersey. At the game the guys let their girlfriends wear their jerseys."
I blushed, thinking that he thought of me as a girlfriend.
"Of course I will wear it."

Thats when I woke up. another perfect dream ended so fast, because of that stupid school alarm. The boy in my dreams? Thats my crush. Let's just call him "Glasses" (because his glasses are like magnifying lenses)
I always look stupid in front of him. But I usually just brush it off, because I've seen him do some really weird things.

I'll explain in a later post

~Bye guys!

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